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Our Grand Cru Champagne is inspired by Clotilde. Born a princess in Burgundy in 475, Clotilde would go on to marry Clovis I to become the first Queen of France. Venerated a Saint by the Roman Catholic Church, Clotilde famously inspired her husband to convert to Christianity. According to the narrative, Clovis I swore to convert from Paganism if he won the Battle of Tolbiac. When he emerged victorious from the battlefield, he did indeed follow through with his promise.

Queen Clotilde is a symbol of elegance, purity and grace, the same qualities that we showcase in our Clotilde Brut Grand Cru Champagne.


Jean Michel, Catherine and Thibault Turgy

Maison Turgy was born in Le Mesnil Sur Oger in 1881. Jean Michel Turgy continues the family tradition, assisted by his wife, Catherine, and their son, Thibault. The Turgys have a particular love for working in the vineyard. As all great quality wines start in the vineyard, their passion and knowledge for viticulture and winemaking that has been passed down for five generations comes through in the wine.

Kimberly Jones, Anna and Mario Monticelli work with the Turgy family in Le Mesnil Sur Oger, one of the most highly regarded appellations within Champagne. Together, they create a Grand Cru Blanc de Blancs under the Clotilde label.

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